3 Things To Avoid In Your 20s

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I m' 20. 3 things I am advising is based on my personal experience. Mistakes are part of humans. We all do that. Lessons learnt out that is price of mistake. Not learning out of it is another dumb mistake. While I am writing this article, I think that maybe unless and until one don’t experience this mistake that individual is not going to think about it.

Maybe reader will just pass out after reading . Later on a part of me convinced me that I should write, because who knows if a guy come & try to think of these mistakes.

Lets start!

1. Fixed Deposits (FD)

A person currently in 20s is experiencing both high inflation as well as new investing stuff like stocks & crypto. Best effective way to secure future is by consistently maintaining compound interest. More earlier a person start investing into stocks, smallcase, or mutual funds, more beneficiary it is. Simple stategy is patience for long time & compound interest. 20s is that period of life where one seriously need to invest. It’s not time for saving money in FDs.

Investing can be hard initially. But over time when solid returns come it becomes easy & forces you to do more. But in FDs your money is just paused. Banks use that to invest further on their own interest & make 30% kind of return out of that. And at the end customers get 5% return approx after taxation & time period.

Fixed deposits protect your money, they don’t grow it. You should grow your money in your 20s.

2. Toxic Relationships

If you choose your relationships, and you still find yourself in a toxic relationship, then you have to get out of that relationship.

Teenage makes our body full of hormones which forces us to nake out or forces us to be in relationship. It is basic human nature but in 20s there is feeling which tells us that you’re incomplete without relationship. Here is where problem comes. Due to FOMO — Fear of Missing out, an individual starts searching for mate & try to settle down. Seeking relationship should be based on our natural congruence with that person, not because everyone around us tells to do.

If you find one but still feels stuck or boring or like not growing, then cut that off! This has to happen sometime in future then why not soon. How to handle this is matter to look at carefully.

3. Do Not Settle

Nowadays it just feels like that I open my eyes & closes it — a day passes. Next day same thing & same routine. But listen my reader, it’s not time to settle & have good job or wife or kids. It’s time to see extreme version of yourself, it’s time to invest & discover new things. When you do shit that you have do in 30s, then you’ll follow monotonous weeks after weeks.

The whole world will tell you, in your 20s you should settle down quickly, finish your studies quickly, take a job, get married quickly, have kids quickly, get that house quickly, everything quickly.

The decade of your 20s is to explode. Explore different fields. Explore your own self, because if you settle you will not know what you have settled for.

That’s it. Thanks for having me 🙋🏻‍♂️




I am here to write about evrything I love. On politics, history, TV shows & finance kind of stuff. Also, I am on books.

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Uttam Vora

Uttam Vora

I am here to write about evrything I love. On politics, history, TV shows & finance kind of stuff. Also, I am on books.

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