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‘But, in truth, the US intel empire’s efforts to manufacture the truth and mould public opinion are vaster and more varied than ever before’

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Let me start this story with short introduction of Carl Bernstein — journalist who covered Watergate scandal while being on The Washington Post. He left office 1977 & wrote a book — The CIA and the Media, Published by Rolling Stone is cover story talking in clear and exact detailed way about relationship between the two.

He said that the traditional line separating the American press corps and the government was often indistinguishable. You can say that CIA operatives were done with the help of news agency with knowledge and consent of agency’s owner or editor or publisher. Carl claimed in his book that CIA was, in that time, secretly (gradually) persuade many journalist and leading publishers to participate / encouraged these activities. In 1953, Joseph Alsop agreed to cover the elections in the Philippine for the CIA and went to the Philippine as a journalist who was actually gathering important information for the CIA. One could say that was the spirit of the Cold War.

But this relation of intelligence orgs & media is complicated. Sometimes conditions gets created where they oppose each other, adversarial. While on other occasions, it is mutually dependent manipulating each others. Both are happy when they praise & support each other for mutual gains. So the point is that — both needs each other to work out on narrative creation. CIA and others try to manipulate Parliament and public by using media houses to further make perception into which it can be called as national interest. Take example of Bush’s Global War on Terror.

Intelligence & Media relation is something in which two completely opposing ideas are involved. Frequently press have successfully uncovered many undeclared activities of CIA. While at the same time, many parts of media — better known mainstream newspapers and news channels — have done things which CIA expects from them without any trouble. Then comes alternative media, more questions began to raise. With the arrival of internet / online based media, the rules changed. Even individuals like us can write anything on blogger or wordpress or start his own blog website of news. Internet made, those out of mainstream, them sense of voice, reach and democracy.

Bernstein worked at Washington Post for 25 years & then he published his 25,000 word story claiming that there were at least 400 American journalist who had secretly carried out assignments for CIA. This was based on official documents. So many activities from going to communists regimes from CIA to sharing notebooks of reporting to CIA were involved. Pulitzer (so-called) Prize winners enjoyed the thrills of these espionage. Carl showed with documents in his book about journalist working for the agency with permission from editors & owners. Most important collab for intel were — NYTimes, CBS and Time magazine.

Pursuant to Carl, CIA’s most valuable relation with NYTimes was in 1950 to late 1970s. A great deal had to do with the close friendship between Arthur Sulzberger — publisher of paper & the then director of agency — Allen Dulles. Arthur belived in necessity to help the CIA & both of them agreed that deniability had to be ensured by the staff. Carl also came up with names of Henry Luce — Time magazine founder and William Paley — CBS chairman as among ones helping CIA. Don’t you think that these revelations are enough to shock public?

This whole mess is not just about what to publish, it’s more than that. How to publish & what not to publish are also part of process & dicision making. CBS was another valuable asset for CIA which was, obviously, because of special friendship of Allen Dulles with William Paley. CBS provided cover for CIA agents, and this included at least one well known foreign correspondent and several stringers. Carl’s another big expose was about CIA having greatest photo library on earth. These graphic sources includes satellites, photo reconnaissance, planes, miniature camera & press. Same all thing with Time magazine.

There were other publication like ABC & NBC that the CIA used from time to time. Between 1950 to 1980, CIA had extensive and deep connections with journos from major newspapers & media houses. It was an incredible spread of relationships. There is no reason to assume that this no longer exists. On the other hand, there is every one every reason for the US to have strengthened and expanded these exchanges to higher levels. Whatever I wrote is not to spread conspiracy against anyone. All stuff is based on what is written in books & people talk on twitter.

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I am here to write about evrything I love. On politics, history, TV shows & finance kind of stuff. Also, I am on books.

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Uttam Vora

Uttam Vora

I am here to write about evrything I love. On politics, history, TV shows & finance kind of stuff. Also, I am on books.

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