One Of The Best Movie Of 2022, Watch It.

*image used here is taken from official twitter handle of Vivek Agnihotri (director)*

Lately I have been very inactive on Medium. Also not watching new movies & tv shows. So many movies, articles & other stuff are pending….. The Kashmir Files was one of movie which I was procrastinating. Few hours ago I watched it in one sitting. What a experience it was. This blog is spoiler free review of The Kashmir File.

The Kashmir Files is film on horrific genocide of Hindus living in Kashmir valley which resulted exodus of more than 500K Hindus from valley. Very heartwrenching history is shown with bold truth. Many people in India didn’t liked it. It’s because they itself aren’t aware about true history of India. Can you belive that Islamic terrorist killed 5 thousand Kashmiri Hindus in few days in 1990.

No matter from which political leaning one belongs I think Kashmir Files is must watch movie. Schindler’s List is film on horrific genocide of Jews similarly Kashmir Files is film on forgotten genocide of Hindus living in Kashmir Valley. It is drama. Let me be honest. It will feel bit slow but the most important part of film is last 30 minutes.

Last 30 minutes will make you realise how & why Kashmir changed from heaven into hell. Cinematography is better than most of Bollywood films. Acting & performances by Anupam Kher & Darshan Kumar is what makes this film very unique in terms of innocence, emotions & relation of grandfather with his grandson. Forget what political aspirations are there of Vivek Agnihotri, let’s be honest about tragic event happened.

I see Kashmir File as one of must watch movie of 2022. A person is not Indian if he/she rejects criticising or admitting what happened in 1990. So that’s it. Thanks for reading my short review. Go & watch it. You won’t regret it.



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