Shows to watch if you liked Breaking Bad

Every Breaking Bad fan had a wish to revisit that experience of watching and completing this show, well this blog may help you.

Breaking Bad is clearly phenomenal. Watching and completing it is like winning a war where, as a viewer, we put ourselves into position of Walter White try to understand scenario & binges it. I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that one of his fan page wrote his wish of wiping out his memory of this show, so that he can watch it again. The way it is made makes Walter White as ultimate anti-hero character of our time.

Show is mainly governed by 3 factors : Uncertainty, FLY and Ozymandias. If you already know what i am talking about then you’re a cinephile. And might be searching for new searching for new shows belonging to Crime, Thriller & Drama. That’s the thing which brings you here.

This is us, in our average day of our life as binge watcher. We scroll and notice, google the cast , watch the interviews , try to adapt lead’s role, suggest our friends, become sad at show’s moments and so on. As you are reading this blog , maybe you would have come over here while doing these former stuff.

Here are the 4 names of show which I honestly suggest you to watch :

1. The Wire

The Wire is worth watching because it is made up on real time persons who used to exist once in Baltimore city. This show might feel slow in 1 & 2 seasopn but 3rd season which give you real goosebump…… and magic starts. It has no background music. Is extremely realistic with dozens of characters.

Starting is kind of simple. In city Baltimore there is problem of drugs dealers and addicts. On the other hand we got cops who are trying to solve it. It is created by David Simon who served as police reporter for 20 years. Fact that this show is one of Obama’s one of favourite show will make you to watch this. David Simon had also an conversation with Obama on The Wire.

But there is an unfortunate news came today that Michael William, who played role of Omar, is no more. He was found dead in his New York apartment.

2. Fargo

Fargo is at it’s 4th season which are 4 different stories interconnected with easter eggs and characters appearing in multiple seasons. For example, 1st season’s solverson family members in 2nd season & Mike Milligan’s younger version in 4rth season. You are gonna love it’s first season because of Martin Freeman & Billy Bob Thornton.

Each episode starts with same text~ “This is a true story. The events depicted in this film took place in. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.” Though it’s final season is not officially confirmed but his creator Noah Hawley teased that 5th installment will be final.

3. Better Call Saul

How can we forgot this gem? I can say that views that says Better Call Saul is as good as or even better than Breaking Bad can’t be just ignored because this really is! This show is just another masterpiece of Vince Gilligan because he may not have repeated the kind of mistake what he did in Breaking Bad or may be he learnt how to shape story in better way from his past show.


I really have a kind of mixed feeling on this show. It is bit of slow & certain moments may be consider as over-acted or being added despite of no need. BUT yeah it will give so thrilling experience just like rest of above show. Its basically accounting instead of chemistry if we look at it’s story where Martin Bryde tries to protect his family from drug boss.

Martin is financial advisor & uses his accounting methods to launder money to make safe his family. SIMILAR theme we have seen in Breaking Bad, only difference is subject being selected for protection.

Finally I suggest these 4 shows to watch for Crime & Thriller; The Wire, Fargo, Better Call Saul & OZARK. Even if might love newly arrived show- How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). Deals with ecstasy of cryptocurrency and dark web by a teen to win ex-girlfriend. I hope that reader might consider watching one of these. IF you liked my suggestion then share it with your friends. Even if you wanna add some other name to list, you should add it to comment section. Thanks for having me.



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